Treat our clients great. 
Treat each other great. 
Serve our community. 
Act with integrity and a positive, caring attitude.
Constantly improve to be the best.



Treat everyone with the utmost respect, courtesy and kindness. 
Be problem solvers for the best interests of our clients.
Represent our companies honorably. 
Act with complete integrity in all we do.
Educate ourselves to be the best. 
Constantly seek to improve.
Find fulfillment in being our very best. 


Chase and Lunt Insurance will continue to grow and prosper by providing our clients with the best products at the best price available, and at all times interacting with the highest level of service in the industry. We will constantly seek to improve in all facets of our operation. We will always treat everyone with the utmost respect, courtesy and kindness. We will vigorously maintain our culture of truly caring about the best interests of everyone we encounter. We will be problem-solvers and stand by our actions with unflinching integrity. We will be dedicated and educated in our endeavor. In so doing, we will foster an outstanding work environment while maintaining and attracting clients who share our values. We will share our success with the communities and people we serve, thereby making each other stronger and better. 

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