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The Five Star Designation

Chase and Lunt Insurance is honored to be one of the few Massachusetts insurance agencies to achieve The Five Star Agency Award of Distinction from The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. As one of only 28 recognized agencies in the state, Chase and Lunt is also the only Five Star Agency in the Merrimack Valley.

The Five Star Designation is awarded to an agency after an extensive review process conducted by a committee from an independent organization. The committee spends several days interviewing employees, reviewing customer service practices and internal procedures. The company is evaluated based on 17 points of quality using this information, and must achieve a specific high score to obtain the Five Star Designation. 

After initially securing the Five Star status in 2009 and renewing the designation in 2012, Chase and Lunt has once again been designated as a Five Star Agency in 2016 following the extensive review conducted by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents.

The following is a press release issued by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents following the 2016 Five Star Review: 

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA), is proud to announce that Chase and Lunt Insurance of Newburyport, MA has renewed their Five Star Agency Designation. They have been a Five Star agency since 2009 and continue to demonstrate excellence in the five imperatives associated with the designation: Customer Focus, Management/Leadership, Human Resource, Product & Process and Future Success Initiatives. 

Chase and Lunt Insurance is highly proactive in addressing any area within their agency that they think can be improved. Their key philosophy is “constant improvement.” They see an improvement initiative not as getting to the end of something, but rather part of the journey as they continue to move forward. Their momentum and desire to become the best agency in the region only heightens their awareness and drive in all that they do to achieve that result. Their new office building alone sets the tone of who this agency is; a professional organization that is welcoming and poised for success and continued growth.

As a review team member and Vice President and COO of MAIA, Heather Kramer stated,  “A strong management team, 'the best staff ever,' a fabulous new office, strong business results, technology enhancements, a positive culture and numerous efficiency improvements are examples of what we found during this review. As a result of these findings and the strengths continued from previous reviews, we are pleased to report that Chase and Lunt is a great agency and highly deserving of the continuation of the Five Star Agency Designation.”

“We are very happy to receive our third consecutive Five Star Designation. I am especially pleased with the comments that our agency has achieved “significant improvement” in each successive review. The review recognized not just our commitment to our clients, but also our commitment to our employees. It was a pleasure to hear that the team at Chase and Lunt clearly exemplified our foundational values – to act with the highest principles in everything that we do. We are fortunate to have a great management team that provides us with positive support and guidance, as well as a hard-working, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff. Five Star is a validation of our continuous efforts to improve and thrive in a highly energized, positive environment – and the most important thing – that we do the very best we can for our clients.” said Jay Howlett, President of Chase and Lunt Insurance.

MAIA awards the Five Star Agency Designation to independent agencies that go through a vigorous review based on key criteria that affect an insurance agency and how it operates. Upon earning a qualifying score, an agency becomes a Five Star Agency Designee and must go through an intensive review process every three years to again prove that they continue to provide superior service, knowledge and value. It is a very select group that has attained this designation.

Clients celebrate five Star

"You have always been Five Star with General Linen."

Robert Whitney
General Linen of Newburyport

"Congratulations to Chase and Lunt for the Five Star designation. We are pleased that we have all of you on our team. We truly enjoy working with true professionals."

Art Currier
Currier and Associates

"As a client going back to Josiah Welch, I can certainly understand why you have been given the Five Star award. Through these many years, I have had the finest service. I am delighted to be on board and will remain so in the future." 

Dick Barton
Topsfield, MA


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