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Flood Insurance



Even if you don't live by the water, you may still need flood insurance. Everybody in the United States lives in a flood zone assigned by FEMA, yet homeowners policies do not provide flood coverage. 

Why buy flood insurance?

• Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States
• High-risk homes are more than twice as likely to be damaged by flood than fire
• Nearly 20% of flood claims come from moderate to low-risk areas
• Just one inch of water can cause costly damage to your property
• The average flood claim is nearly $48,000

What are the covered causes of a flood?

Most people think that Flood Insurance covers only major events, such as the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, where in fact, Flood Insurance covers damage from smaller events as well, such  as:

• Flash Floods
• Winter Storms
• Spring Thaw
• Snowmelt
• Poor Drainage
• Broken Water Mains
• Hurricanes
• Rapid Accumulation of Rainfall



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