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The Northeast's 
Small Business Specialists

Small businesses have big needs - that's why we created our Select Business Unit. One of a kind in the region, our Select Business Unit features a team of dedicated insurance professionals focused exclusively on providing small businesses with the flexible service and exceptional products they need.

The Select Business Unit provides small bussinesses with: 

   - Expedited Processing

   - Prompt, Efficient Service

   - Expanded Resources

   - Specialty Markets

   - Competitively Priced Products

Email Alex today to request a quote, designed with your specific business needs in mind. 

Business is our specialty. Service is our passion. Learn more about our agency.

Contact Members of the Select Business Unit Directly: 

Alex Campbell
Direct: 978-225-6361

Worry less, do more! We now offer consulting, training, and other Human Resources support for our business clients. Learn more about our ThinkHR program, or email Katharine Jop for enrollment information


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